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Hey, you !

Hey U

Yeah, you, the lazy-as-F punk behind your desk !

Scroll for f-sake !

Do you know about

Search engine ?

Moteurs de recherche

You know... that magic from 21th century...

Form field,
your request... single click
Damn, here !
Your request

And Boom !

2 seconds, your answer !

Your request
Your request : everything to know ! Your request...
15-06-2017 Wanna know everything about Your request ? Get advise from our experts !
Easy and quick tutorial : Your request 23-02-2010 Your request...
23-02-2010 Your request, it's something you're interested in ? We explain everything !
Your request for noobs
https://for Your request...
10-04-2016 Simple et complete guide, a must read ! Your request, there it is !

That's sick dude, there's


on search engine

why dont you scroll already !

Yeay, that's
John Stockton

name of NBA's 1995 best assist

Milk Eggs Flour Lemon Butter So GOOD lemon pie !
Tarte au citron

the full recipe of lemon pie

And most probably

Captain ObviousYeah, you're expecting it now....
An answer to your fucking question Fuck, click godamnit !!!

You can click and get your answer, or keep scrolling and discover why you got this webpage in a first place...

See, you've spent seconds reading this fucking text

If you searched directly on a search engine like Google...

  • You could have moved on
    about your fucking issue

  • You may have already find
    your fucking answer

  • Everyone would have
    bought time !

La terre est bien malade...

Plus, in case you didn't know...

Internet is pollution : with every new page created, it's a bit more of carbon dioxyde released.

So, in a nutshell, creating useless pages hurts our planet more than reading something debated a million time.

That's what you Want ? Fuck our planet a bit more ?

Don't you think it's had enough ?


And as a conclusion

Internet, and all great creation of history, has been made by passionate people sharing their knowledge.

How do you think they did it, huh ?
By asking ?

Hell, no ! They pulled their fingers off their ass, and worked hard ! Out of their comfort zone. That's how you get shit done ! By trying, failing, and starting all over again till you figure things out.

You will do shit if your basic habit is waiting for the solution to come out of other's help.


Stop asking stuff you could find in 2 fucking seconds on a search engine !

There's enough shit on social network godamnit !

Use google,
for F-sake !Oh, you can try Qwant as well
it's a nice SE !

Merci (pardon my french)

You too, you can learn to someone how to use a search engine, with the fucking form below

Send a link to someone
not using Google enough

(there is a cute and polite version of this website, available here)

Google request (eg : how to install Wordpress)

Fucking link will appear here

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